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Final Fantasy X/X-2

Drabbles (100 words or fewer)

Battle Stories (various, most 300 – 800 words)

Ficlets (101-2000 words)

Short Stories (single chapter stories of more than 2000 words)

  • Belonging: Auron fights to defend Braska’s honor, and to exorcise the ghosts of his past.
  • Bloodlines: Two years after the defeat of Yevon, Nooj and Paine make some decisions about their future together. Paine/Nooj. Collaboration with Ikon. AU, DSHnD universe.
  • The Cat: Sometimes help can come from an unexpected source. Nooj and Paine meet an old friend in the Calm Lands. Paine/Nooj.
  • Chasing My Past: Paine realizes that she didn’t find all the answers she was looking for on her travels with the Gullwings. But will she like the truth she discovers? Paine/Nooj.
  • Dream: Yuna goes to Bevelle after her pilgrimage to seek some answers. Yuna/Tidus.
  • Elemental: Lulu takes her first steps on her path of becoming a black mage.
  • Far Across the Sand and the Sea: A priest of Yevon travels to the Al Bhed homeland on a mission to make peace, but he finds something else entirely. Braska/Yuna’s mother.
  • Fate: An offhand remark from Nooj gets Paine to thinking about their history. Paine/Nooj.
  • Getting Rest: Lulu thought she wanted to be alone, but Rikku’s company proves to be a fine distraction from her troubles. Lulu/Rikku.
  • My Last Confession: Ten years later, Paine looks back on her life. Follow-up to The Confessional.
  • Painkiller: Paine learns some bad news and faces up to her feelings about Nooj. Several years postgame. Follow-up to The Confessional and My Last Confession.
  • The Pursuit of Happiness (or, Fifty Ways to Leave, Find, or Get Busy With Your Lover): Fifty microfics about Paine and Nooj, separately and together. Written collaboratively with Renay in the style of the 1Sentence community on LiveJournal, although we selected our own prompts, and not all the microfics are exactly one sentence long. Hosted on Renay’s fic archive. Paine/Nooj.
  • Once a Guardian: Nothing ever changes on the Farplane, until Auron meets someone unexpected. Crossover with FFIV. Auron and Rydia.
  • Simple: Paine pays a visit to Nooj at Youth League Headquarters, ready to make some decisions about her future. Follow-up to Where They Left Off. Paine/Nooj.
  • Weapon of Choice: Ten short pieces about a woman and her most faithful companion. Paine, with appearances by the Gullwings and the CS3. Vaguely Paine/Nooj.

Multi-Chapter Stories

Final Fantasy XII

Battle Stories

Ficbits and Shorts

  • Alternate Histories: A game of “what if” on the eve of an important state event. Balthier/Ashe.
  • Exchange: Balthier had thought he was beyond caring about the machinations of Archadian high society.
  • Human Resources: On the eve of war, Al-Cid adds a new bird to his flock. Al-Cid/OFCs.
  • Judgment: Dr. Cid sends his son off to be a Judge.
  • Lines of Communication: In which Penelo gets a letter and much is revealed. Vaan/Penelo.
  • Negotiations: Politics follow Ashe wherever she goes, and meetings with Al-Cid are never an exception. Ashe/Al-Cid.
  • Political Considerations: A year after Ashe’s coronation, she faces up to some realities of her position. Ashe/Balthier. Follow-up to Alternate Histories.
  • Return Visit: Ashe wants to see Nabudis with her own eyes. Ashe/Rasler, and Ashe/Basch implications.
  • Secret Identities: It was by his voice that Balthier first knew him. Balthier/Reddas.

Other Fandoms

  • A Learning Experience: Cid Raines and Yaag Rosch in the military academy. FFXIII.
  • Not a Veterinarian: Dr. Julian Bashir will treat any patient in need. Bashir, Sisko. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Study Break: Raines, Rosch, and an all-nighter. Raines/Rosch. FFXIII.

Standard Disclaimer: All characters, plots, locations, and concepts from the Final Fantasy games are copyright Square Enix and are used without permission. All characters, plots, locations, and concepts from other sources are copyright their respective creators and are likewise used without permission. Except where excluded by those copyrights, all writings on this site are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoCommercial-ShareAlike license. You are welcome to use, redistribute, quote, or make derivative works as long as I receive proper credit and the resulting works bear the same license.

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Summary: A priest of Yevon travels to the Al Bhed homeland on a mission to make peace, but he finds something else entirely. The story of Braska’s journey to Bikanel.

Notes: Inspired by a prompt for the 2010 round of FFEX, although it ended up taking another direction entirely. The prompt was: “Anything on Braska and his unnamed wife, maybe the bit of family life they got to have before everything went to hell.”

Metadata: 18,000 words. Braska/Yuna’s mother. Rated PG-13. Spoilers for Braska’s and Yuna’s backstories.

Far Across the Sand and the Sea

The study door creaked open, and Trema looked up from his scroll. “Yes?”

An acolyte slid into the room, head bowed. “Pardon the interruption, Father, but one of the summoners in training is here to see you. “

Trema set down his quill with a frown. “At this hour? It must be well past curfew.”

“Yes sir, but he was quite insistent. His name is Braska, and he says it’s urgent.”

“Very well.” Braska was one of Trema’s best students, a priest who had come from Djose to begin training as a summoner some months back. He was a thoughtful young man, not given to dramatics. Trema rolled up the scroll and set it aside. “Send him in.”

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Summary: It was by his voice that Balthier first knew him.

Notes: A gift for the 2010 round of Final Fantasy Exchange. Prompt: “Balthier/Reddas – they’ve both buried their pasts and even their names in places where other men will never find them, but somehow, they know. They both know.”

Metadata: ~2300 words. Balthier/Reddas, rated PG. Spoilers.

Secret Identities

It was by his voice that Balthier first knew him: deep, resonant, commanding. Was it the sound of that voice that brought him back to his year as a Judge — uncertain, uncomfortable, second-guessing his every move — or was it merely being back in Draklor that made him sweat as though he were locked in armor? And then the pace of events quickened, keeping Balthier from further analysis of the stranger’s voice, or his own reaction, or the contemptuous familiarity with which Cid had greeted the man. But now, striding through the halls of Draklor to make their escape, he took the opportunity to sort through what facts he knew of their new companion. By the time he reached the Strahl, he had reached a conclusion as well.

He boarded the ship, turned to Fran to share his discovery, then paused. He knew well why a man might want to shed a past along with a name. If Reddas numbered among them, who was he to unveil that secret?

Fran looked at him. “What is it?”

“Nothing of import.” He shook his head, then raised his voice. “Start-up sequence. We make for Balfonheim. Watch for uninvited guests.”

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Summary: On the eve of war, Al-Cid adds a new bird to his flock.

Notes: Written for the 2010 round of Final Fantasy Exchange. The prompt was: “Al-Cid and his ‘birds’.

Metadata: About 2800 words. Rated R. Al-Cid/OFCs, Al-Cid/His Assistant. Set in game; spoilers through the second trip to Balfonheim.

Human Resources

It was the kind of seaside weather that made for a perfect Balfonheim afternoon: balmy temperatures, wide blue skies highlighted by a few streaks of cloud, a light breeze wafting off the bay. Al-Cid Margrace stood on the balcony of his villa and stretched, arching his back to let the warm sunshine fall on his bare chest, enjoying the tranquil moment and his private view of the ocean. (read more)

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All my ficlets (between 101 and 2000 words) written for the FFX/FFX-2 universe, listed in alphabetical order. Last updated January 17th, 2011. Drabbles and longer stories are listed on the main Table of Contents page.

  • Aye, Captain: One afternoon in the desert, Paine and Nooj indulge in each other. Paine/Nooj. Metafic for The Confessional.
  • Between Storms: Gippal shows Tidus some beauty in the desert.
  • Boundaries: Baralai and Yuna remember. Baralai/Yuna, Baralai/Yuna/Shuyin/Lenne implications.
  • Can’t Ask for More: Baralai reflects on love and the choices he made, many years post game.
  • Captivated: Nooj watches the Gullwings in action and makes some observations that surprise him. Nooj/Paine and Nooj/Yuna implications.
  • Change of Scenery: Baralai goes to some lengths to be alone. Baralai/Gippal. AU.
  • Character Sketches: Brief stories about various characters, showing a snapshot of each at a different point in his life.
  • Choices: Kinoc considers the choices he made on his way to execute an unpleasant duty.
  • Clash: An important conversation, sparked by a sparring martch. Auron/Kinoc.
  • Dark: After a hard day of battle, YRP have a chat about the Dark Knight dressphere.
  • Darkness, Dawn: Paine’s first night on the Celsius.
  • Desert Cold: Paine and Nooj and a night in the desert. Paine/Nooj.
  • Forwards: Wakka and Chappu practiced every morning on Besaid Beach. Lulu/Chappu. Metafic.
  • Gifts: Two moments in the life of a scholar. Maechen. Gen.
  • A Good Team: Rikku gets some unexpected assistance from Nooj.
  • Growing Pains: A job interview, Leblanc-style.
  • Happy: After receiving an invitation, Yuna needs to decide what will make her happy. Baralai/Yuna.
  • Heritage: A chat about dresspheres and Yuna’s past.
  • Home Movie: Gippal and Rikku discover a long-forgotten Crimson Sphere. Gippal/Rikku.
  • House and Home: Baralai relaxes at home. Baralai/Paine. Metafic for A Guardian’s Legacy.
  • Icebreaker: Gippal shares stories to clear the air during an awkward time.
  • In the Kitchen: Baralai is visited by Gippal, who is looking for something unexpected. Baralai/Gippal.
  • In the Shadows: Paine and Nooj confront their history and each other. Paine/Nooj implications. Metafic.
  • Inheritance: Paine and Nooj share the truth about the past with their young son. Paine/Nooj.
  • Landing: Wakka opens up to Rikku about his relationship with Lulu. Wakka/Rikku and Wakka/Lulu implications. Metafic for A Guardian’s Legacy.
  • Lessons: Yuna faces truths about herself and the rest of the world as she prays in Macalania Temple. Yuna/Shiva, sorta.
  • Love Lost: While camping one night, Auron, Braska, and Jecht have a chat about love.
  • Meeting in the Market: While chasing down a thief in Luca, Rikku meets a new friend.
  • Miracle: While exploring a forest near the Moonflow, Paine and Nooj discover a surprise. Paine/Nooj.
  • Navigation: Baralai and Gippal go star-gazing and share some secrets. Baralai/Gippal.
  • On the Ice: Auron faces down his feelings about a member of his party. Auron/Rikku.
  • One on One: Beclem plays blitz on Besaid with an unexpected opponent. Beclem/Yuna.
  • Options: Nooj, Rikku, and an uncomfortable subject or two. Paine/Nooj implications.
  • Penance: Everyone deals with the fallout from the destruction of Yevon in their own way. Lulu and Luzzu.
  • Playing Pirates: Gippal fantasizes about the future. Baralai/Gippal implications. Airship ‘verse.
  • Pranksters: Paine and Gippal reminisce.
  • Report: Clasko tells Nooj about something unusual he saw on the Calm Lands.
  • Research Assistant: While working for New Yevon, Baralai receives an unwelcome visitor who forces him to confront his past.
  • Rescued: A summoner has the greatest respect for all living creatures. AU, DSHnD universe
  • The RNP Triad: Three related stories about an affair between Nooj and Rikku, and how the fallout affects his relationship with Paine. Metafic.
  • Sailing: Gippal and Baralai share a moment on the S.S. Winno.
  • Scars: Paine and Nooj compare their battle wounds. Paine/Nooj.
  • Search: Lucil and Elma discuss the future and the past. Vague Elma/Lucil implications.
  • Secret of the Flames: A young Paine decides to find out the truth about the fayth for herself.
  • Separated: Baralai attempts to reconnect with himself during the final battle. Baralai/Yuna.
  • Still: Auron in Zanarkand: A meditation.
  • Teammates: Squadron Five has a discussion about their future as a team. Metafic for The Confessional.
  • Those Who Wait: Paine makes her farewells to Rikku before going on a trip. Airship ‘verse.
  • Time: Paine and Nooj finally have a few moments to themselves. Paine/Nooj.
  • To Get to the Other Side: Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain, and Rikku wants to know why. Crossover with Star Trek (2009).
  • Tradition: Auron and Kinoc discuss the possibility of change within the ranks of the warrior monks.
  • Treasure Hunters: Paine’s friends drag her to a flea market. AU, metafic.
  • Trustworthy: Nooj has a surprise for Baralai.
  • Under the Moon: Wrapped up in her memories, Paine takes comfort from an unexpected source. Paine/Rikku.
  • What About…? : What really happened after the commsphere on the Farplance stopped transmitting? One interpretation. Paine/Nooj implications.
  • Where They Left Off: Paine and Nooj have a discussion of sorts on the Celsius. Paine/Nooj.
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Summary: Baralai and Yuna remember.

Notes: Written for Porn Battle X. The prompt was “Baralai/Yuna/Lenne/Shuyin, the person I remember”

Metadata: Rated NC-17. About 1450 words. Post-game, major spoilers. Baralai/Yuna.


“Thank you for coming, Lady Yuna.” Baralai and Yuna walked together through the Palace at Bevelle. Their footsteps echoed softly off the stone of Bevelle’s halls, the sound of their footfalls deadened only slightly by the rich tapestries that hung off the walls.

“I’m happy to help,” Yuna replied. “And I’m glad the council seems willing to try my idea.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to suggest the same thing.” Baralai sighed and shook his head. “But unpopular ideas will always be more popular coming from the High Summoner.”

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Summary: Nooj and Paine finally have a few moments to themselves.

Notes: Written for Porn Battle X. Prompt was “Nooj/Paine, apologies, lust, nostalgia”.

Metadata: Rated NC-17. 950 words. Post-game, spoilers.


“So, here we are.” Nooj looks out over the dunes, burying the tip of his cane in the sand for balance. “Running low on water, with no idea where we are.”

“Just like old times.” (read more)

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Summary: Everyone deals with the fallout from the destruction of Yevon in their own way.

Notes:Written for FYFF, the Final Fantasy Anon Meme on Dreamwidth. The prompt was Luzzu dealing with the death of Gatta and the end of Yevon. Post game, also features Lulu.

Metadata: About 1200 words. Rated G. Post-game; contains spoilers.


Every day since coming home from Operation Mi’ihen, Luzzu stands guard at the shrine on the summit of Besaid Mountain. (read more)

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Summary: Isaaru leaves Bevelle.

Notes: Character sketch. Based on the Aftermath continuity.

Metadata: Rated G, about 400 words. Gen. Spoilers for both FFX and FFX-2.


One foot in front of the other. Step by step, grass swishing against legs, the stars of an unforgiving sky looming over him, sliver of moon rising over the mountains, fiends crying in the distance, a staff gripped by fingers stiff with cold.

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Summary: Tensions flare between Cadets Raines and Rosch, and an all-nighter takes an unexpected turn.

Notes: Written for FYFF, the Final Fantasy Anon Meme on Dreamwidth.

Metadata: 2074 words. Rated NC-17. Cid Raines/Yaag Rosch. Pre-game, no spoilers.

Study Break

“Pointless!” Rosch tossed the sheaf of papers up in the air and then allowed himself to fall, face forward, onto the bed, his head burying itself in a mound of pillows. The paper landed on his head and back, hiding him under a blizzard of print-outs from the Cocoon Military Academy research databases: battle histories, troop capabilities, diaries of famous generals. “This battle scenario is unwinnable! How are we supposed to salvage a workable plan out of this crap?”

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